Mini System - 6 Outputs

Standby RSGSKU: UNI-STD-001
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One MCS-6E 6-Way Control Unit supplied complete with a 7 button handset that provides 6 individual function buttons and one combination button. Based upon established tactile switch technology that can be 'user' programmed to suit a wide variety of applications.

Quick and easy to set-up and ideal for installations that do not require a great deal of sophistication. With the ability to be programmed directly from the handset there is no need for a PC and associated software to configure the control unit.

The Mini System operates at both 12 and 24 volt.

• 3 year manufacturers warranty

This system offers a quick, simple and cost effective method of controlling hazard warning equipment on emergency services vehicles. Ideal for vehicles that only require a small amount of emergency equipment such General Purpose (GP) Police Cars, Covert Police Cars and Private Cars used by Officers when on duty.

Operated by simply translating the press of a button that in turn activates the associated output, where each small button is always linked to the same output for easy operational understanding. Each output can deliver up to 10 Amps, or be limited to 5 Amps, with the total current handling of each device being 24 Amps. The double width combo button not only acts as a 'Hot Key' by activating a number of small key functions at the same time, but also has a 'Triple' press action to control a mixture of functions required in special situations such as '999', 'ARRIVE' and 'RESET'.

The strength of this system is its ability to be programmed directly via a combination of key pad presses, that not only allows initial set-up to be rapidly achieved, but also quick implementation of any changes that may be required during the commissioning and sign-off process.

Handset Features
• Each button can be set with 1 of 8 back light colours upon each individual action and to suit switch function
• All Clear function - when activated, all buttons on the handset are turned off, and held off as long as the input stays active
• Buttons can be individually allocated with the use self adhesive, pre-printed legends (supplied) or bespoke legends (available to order)
• 3 stage back illumination - low when OFF, high when ON, both levels automatically dim when vehicle side lights are ON
• Each small button can be latching or momentary
• Double width combo button can have a multi-function 'HOT' key double or triple action depending on required function and change colour depending on its mode
• A fully tactile one piece wipe clean keypad with positive clicks
• Option to enable 'beep' every time a button is pressed and/or 'beep' every 5 seconds when switch active
• Pressing a button or the ignition input wakes unit from sleep mode so long as battery voltage is within operating range
• Supplied complete with protective rubber surround as standard which can be removed for dash mounted applications

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