Safe Responder X

The Safe Responder X, designed by Safe Response M.D Simon Jeffery to assist emergency personnel to respond to the station or scene safely and efficiently

A message from Simon 

“ I designed the first the LED signs back in 2010 with the aim to improve response times along with the road safety aspect.

I wanted to assist personnel within the emergency services that use their own vehicle and un-marked vehicles to respond safely and improve their response times, this would be achieved with increased awareness and clear identification to other road users,

The personnel are required to make progress on route whilst adhering to the current weather conditions and road traffic regulations.

Being stuck in traffic whilst on route to the fire or lifeboat station may cause the responder to get 'red mist' causing them to make a manoeuvre or a decision to over take that is not within road traffic regulations or appropriate to do so.

I designed the signs so that other road users have advanced warning of their requirement to make progress, allowing them to allow them to pass where safe to do so and to allow them a little bit of extra grace whilst in heavy traffic, this smooth flow to the station or scene allows the personnel to arrive in a better frame of mind and ready to take on the challenge ahead, rather than arriving in a rush and annoyed at the journey encountered, therefore reducing them to be less stressed before heading to the incident at hand, and able to make sensible level headed decisions at the right time.     

Every second counts and I hope that my product helps personnel to attend the scene or station in better time scale and in the right frame of mind." 

Add a Standard Univisor to the back of the Safe Responder can make this unit into the LED Univisor... Either attached permanently or by using the Velcro Straps.  

The Safe Responder X is also available at a number of stockists throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. 

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