Community / Corporate Purchase for the Safe Responder X

Would your organisation or group benefit from our Safe Responder X LED illuminated Sun Visor Signs? to assist with awareness and response times within your area.

Have you considered to contact a local business to provide sponsorship for them?

Some companies and businesses prefer to donate a product  that is of benefit and useful to a local charity or group directly. 

The Safe Responder X - LED Visor Signs are a perfect choice for this donation.... the business will be able to easily promote its contribution and support to a charity or group with these instant visible identification signs, which will become seen and known within the community. 

If a company wished to donate a number of signs to a whole group, then this can be easily published in the local news, it also helps to get across the groups aims as well to the local community. 

They can also be seen in use by the community and see the benefits of their use and get a clearer understanding of their use and role to enable them to allow the responder to make progress if needed and not hinder them .

Some examples of groups and organisations that would benefit from community awareness:

On Call Firefighters. Lifeboat Crew. First Responders. Coastguard, Search & Rescue , Mountain Rescue.

If a complete group has these signs then they become known and made aware of much quicker in the community and the community has a better understanding of that role and how they should react if they see one responding.

To coincide with the signs the business could donate banners and signage to place around the community once again to assist with the awareness of the signs and that groups role.

We have seen some very good examples of this all around the UK and companies getting behind a local group to help them.... if they have a specific product they are aiming for then they can see and feel the end result of their donation, and it make it extra special when they see them in use out and about in the community. 

We are more than happy to work with the sponsor and the group to get the signs made to the spec required and delivered to the relevant address along with supported by stickers on the rear of the signs as a enxample.

For any further information on this, please contact us via email