LED Univisor


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Whats the Difference between Safe Responder X and LED Univisor?
......Not alot, just how it attaches to the Sun Visor
Safe Responder X - Has Velcro Straps for Secure attachment to the Sun Visor 
LED Univisor - Has a Univisor clip to slide the sign onto the Sun Visor 


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The LED Univisor – Instant Vehicle Identification

The LED Univisor was designed for un-marked, on-call and the voluntary sector of the Emergency Services.

The LED Univisor is a Safe Responder that is attached to a Standard Univisor (either permanently or using the Velcro straps) to create an  Illuminated sign that simply slides onto your passenger sun visor to provide awareness of your role and urgency to other road users.

When required simply put your sunvisor down and turn on the LED Univisor which will then illuminate to provide instant awareness to other road users of your presence; Giving them more time to find a suitable place and allowing you to pass safely.

Fully Customisable and can be tailored for your role or the vehicles use.

Fully Customisable

Individuals or Fleets catered for.

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