Police Fleet – Unmarked / Covert Vehicles

Univisor & LED Univisor

Increase identification to your fleet

The affordable & Simple Solution

The Standard and the LED Univisor is a quick, simple and effective way to turn an unmarked vehicle into a Easily Identifiable Police Vehicle.

This is an effective way of making awareness of the Role of the Officers in the vehicle or The equipment on board or even just simply to state POLICE service.

They can be made with just the text or the Territorial Police Force logo can also be added at no extra cost.

Standard Univisor

The Standard Univsior is a great way to provide vehicle identification


*** Picture of Corsa with Univisor – Just Text ***

*** Picture of Corsa with Univisor – With Logo ***

LED Univisor

The Sister product; the LED Univisor also benefit from the added increase awareness to other road users and evening identification, Perfect for Resilience roles within the Force or to add extra identity to a Blue Light Unmarked vehicle – With the increase use of unmarked vehicle within different sectors this is an ideal was to stand out and be identifiable at a mass incident where officers need to be directed quickly and efficiently.


Save Time and Money ….

Another effective use of the Standard and the LED Univisor is on Temporary Vehicles, why go through costly markings when a simple identifiable sign can be used and easily moved between vehicles when a vehicle is on temporary loan. Simply Side an LED or Standard Univisor onto the Sun Visor for Instant Role and Identification