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Univisor & Safe Responder X

There are 2 examples of use for the Safe Responder X;

1: Use on a Senior Fire Officers vehicle, use along side an unmarked Blue Light Vehicle to provide instant visible identification;

For example: London Fire Brigade (LFB) Senior Fire Officer, attending a major incident with multiple agencies, the illuminated visor sign provides instant identification providing swift scene management assistance.

2: On-Call fire fighters responding in their own vehicle to the station to the turn out in the appliance.

These are the benefits to the this situation;   


The affordable & Simple Solution

* Improved response and turn out times

* Reduced Red Mist - Less stress, Arrive at the station in the right frame of mind

* Improved Station response conformity

The Standard and the Safe Responder X are a quick, simple and effective way to turn a Personal vehicle into a Easily Identifiable On-Call Firefighter vehicle, that can easily been seen to improve the response times by the Firefighter on route to the station, to ensure the Appliance leaves within a respectable time scale.

The idea for the Safe Responder X (Previously the LED Univisor) all came around because M.D Simon Jeffery, saw the need to assist the fire fighters to get through traffic to get to the station safely and effectively within the respectable time to ensure the appliance leaves the station in the earliest possible time.

The Idea behind the Safe Responder X is not to gain any extra road traffic regulations, but to increase the awareness to other road users to enable them to act safely and timely so that the on call fire fighter can make progress to the station easier and within the road traffic regulations.   The idea is the another road user sees them in their rear view mirror and pulls to the side safely enabling the crew to make progress through traffic. This Reduces the ‘Red Mist’ that can kick in if the crew member is sat in traffic not moving because no one is aware of the urgency to get to the station, allowing the crew member to arrive at the station in a better frame of mind to prepare the appliance and the task ahead.

The use of Dash Cams to coincide with the Safe Responder X could be a useful tool to replay any incident or report from the public if a crew member is seen to be driving aggressively or against the road traffic law.


For the Safe Responder X to really take hold and have the real true benefit, then the public need to be 1; aware of their use and 2; Why they are being used.  To achieve this, we have designed Banners, Stickers and Adverts to be placed around the towns and main routes to the station to make people look in their mirrors to check for on call firefighters.


Standard Univisor

The Standard non illuminated Univsior is a great way to provide vehicle identification, simply slides onto the sun visor when required.

Safe Responder X

The Safe Responder X is an LED Illuminated Sun Visor sign, previously called the LED Univisor - with a design change and name change in 2020, with the sole purpose of increasing awareness to other road users and evening identification, for the Volunatary, On-Call and Front line members of the Emergency Services.

The Safe Responder X is perfect for Resilience roles within the Force or to add extra identity to a Blue Light Unmarked vehicle – With the increase use of unmarked vehicle within different sectors this is an ideal was to stand out and be identifiable at a mass incident where officers need to be directed quickly and efficiently. 

Securely attaches to the sun visor with velcro straps, or attach with the velcro straps to a Univisor to retain the simple slide on / off deployment, also allowing you to have different wording on the standard Univisor when the Safe Responder X is removed. 

SAVE TIME AND MONEY on your fleet ….

Another effective use of the Standard and the Safe Responder X is on Temporary Vehicles, why go through costly markings when a simple identifiable sign can be used and easily moved between vehicles when a vehicle is on temporary loan. Simply place a Safe Responder X or Standard Univisor onto the Sun Visor for Instant Role and Identification.

Station / Group /Fleet Purchases

Safe Response is happy to work with Groups and Stations to purchase products at affordable prices so that the whole group or station can be supplied the fleet with the same equipment at the same time. 

If you have any questions about group buys or you would like a quote, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

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