Public Education SRX-PE Range

Public Education is the next big part of the responders visor signs and an important stage to follow up with having all your signs at use at the station and maximise their effectiveness.

Allow the public to understand what they are, most of the public don’t even realise that fire fighters are on call and aren’t at the station all the time. 
with the use of Banners outside the station, passing motorists / pedestrians will see these signs and acknowledge them, so that when they see the signs in use, they then have an understanding of what they are, who they are and what the situation is.

talk to other businesses along the main key roads and see if they can display a banner or sign, increasing the visibly and maximising the amount of public that get to see these signs 

Case Study ; Info coming soon

Advertising Material :

Banners for main roads and outside stations - SRX-PE-B

Posters for shops and notice boards -

A4 - SRX-PE-P-A4

A5 - SRX-PE-P-A5

Wording provided for local social media news, networking and advertising, make the public aware by reaching them on social media, send them the wording that you would like them to write and the message you want to get across - SRX-PE-SMW

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