LED Univisor - new model for 2020

Safe Response M.D Simon Jeffery is the designer of the LED Univisor, and the latest model has been designed so that there is a selection of options available to attach the signs to your Sun Visor. 

The latest model to be released has a new name; the Safe Responder X - due for launch in Oct 2020, the Safe Responder X uses velcro straps to attach the sign to the vehicle sun visor. 

If however you prefer the Univisor sun visor clip, then that is not a problem, Safe Response continues to work along side Univisor, and therefore the kit contains 3 different lengths of velcro, the smallest being ones that can be used to strap around a standard univisor and attach to the sun visor with the Univisor clip (creating the 2020 version of the LED Univisor). 

This designs also means that there is not only better grip on the sun visor, but you can brand your standard univisor aswell and have your signs as dual purpose.