Fortnite's latest mod isn't about taking people out of the game; it's about saving them.  Its been launched by a charity called the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) as a way to teach gamers about its work around the world. 

The new mode is called Liferun. Players have to heal civilians (people not in the armed forces); rebuild infrastructure (buildings, roads, pipelines); get rid of landmines, and hand out aid - all things that real-life Red Cross volunteers do.  

Liferun has been released through Fortnite's creative mode; players can enter the code 1992-1013-9260 to play it.  

The charity hopes that the new mode will spark conversations about the effects that violence and war can have on people. 

There are two billion gamers around the world now and the ICRC are planning to use this form of gameplay as a way to talk to them in a smart and engaging way to explain that civilians suffer greatly in conflict.