Univisor Reflective Options

Here at Safe Response, we have always tried to keep up with the latest in vehicle safety products and warning signs. 

For the last few months we have been working on expanding the reflective options for our Standard Univisors and vehicle magnetic signage. This has always been available as reflective vinyl for text only decal or using an engineering grade reflective material that we are then able to digitally print onto to give a reflective finish.

This has worked effectively for those not able to use our illuminated Safe Responder signs or requiring magnetic signage for nighttime usage. Whilst giving a high level of reflectivity, we always knew that we could go further and offer a higher reflective option using our digital print methods.

Our engineering grade reflective material shown below during low light conditions without light and with artificial light.

During the last few months we have been working with Avery V8000 high reflective vinyl for vehicle battenburg markings and stumbled on the idea of adding this to our Univisors.

Using either white or yellow Avery V8000, we are now able to print any design and wording onto this material giving a much higher level of reflective property. We have noticed that this material also offers a 'twinkle' during daylight when the sun hits the signs and draws your attention to the wording. At night or in low light conditions is where the material really shows the difference, offering reflectivity from acute angles rather than just head on, and also a much brother crisper reflectivity has been noticed.

We are now finding that this is becoming our go to option for those in frontline services or those using the visor signs and magnets for responder roles, such as Coastguard, Doctors and Paramedics. The higher reflectivity signs also now also being used by many security companies for dog handlers and unmarked vehicles as they are telling us the the text and role can be read from a greater distance when deployed on the vehicle.

Below are some examples of the Avery V8000 as a comparison to the engineering grade.

Available today on any of our stock or customised Univisors and Magnetic signs.

As an example of the full range, see our full comparison image,

Below you can see a section of products made using Avery V8000. If you are looking for your next vehicle signage or univisor, give us a call or message and see how we can help you be seen.


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