About Us

My name is Simon Jeffery Managing Director of Safe Response

I am a Member of:

Institute of Advanced Motorists and the British Chauffeurs Guild of London



On my travels as a Chauffeur I found that there was a need to make retained fire fighters more noticeable in traffic when responding to an emergency call,

this idea came to me and I tried a few prototypes and finally came up with this finally design with a little help from my father.

 In April 2010 I commissioned a company to make my first order of FIRE LED Visor signs and headed out to stations and see how they would react to the product, I was welcomed with a great response from my local stations and I am constantly seeking to gain feedback to find out how they are getting on.

  In July 2010 I found that the public needed to get to know what the product was so that it would be even more efficient;

so I introduced banners and boards that could be placed at the stations and in the towns to raise their awareness.


January 2018 - The Launch of the 5th Generation LED Univisor the Gen5

Moved to our new Shop, 187 Queensway, Torquay, TQ2 6DE, Uk Tel: 01803 394717

Launch of the New LED Univisor logo for Branding

Launch of the new LED Univisor design


Continued Success of the LED Univisor within the UK and Europe 

January 2013

Working with Univisor to Launch the All New Univisor LED Visor Sign 

Brand New 2013 Design was launched

December 2012

The release of the LED Visor Sign

June 2011 onwards

Now we stock and provide 

Vehicle Magnets / Window Stickers / Hi Viz Vests / Awareness Cards and Lots Lots more

February 2011

MEDIC Signs became available

December 2010
Lifeboat /Coastguard RESCUE Signs  became available